Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Countryhome Rustics...

For those of you with little ones or grandchildren, my brother-in-law, Jordan Green builds absolutely beautiful cedar furniture. The wood is Eastern Red Cedar from Mt. Jackson, Virginia. His newest creation is a highchair! He gave one to Lauryn and we use it all the time. He can custom design them to fit perfectly with your table. I gave him the height of my table so now when she is older and doesn't need the tray anymore, she can use it for a toddler seat.

Not only does he build just high chairs, he builds bed frames, dressers, end tables, cedar chests, cabinets, and will custom build anything you want!
If you are interested in getting piece of furniture made for yourself or would just like a brochure with more information mailed to you, Jordan can be reached at 540-333-1468.
Just a note: Jordan was a Polyface apprentice in 2002 and is now married to my younger sister, Laura and they are expecting their first child in December. I can't wait! It's supposed to be a boy!
Pictures: #1 - Jordan and Laura Green
#2 - Lauryn in the highchair - taken this morning at breakfast. She's eating those fabulous Polyface Eggs scrambled!
#3 - Andrew sitting in the highchair to demonstrate how it can be used as a toddler chair.
Wouldn't it be great to have a piece of furniture where you know the carpenter and where the wood comes from?

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