Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Polyface Team Introduction

The Polyface Team conists of the Salatin families, one apprentice manager, 2 one-year apprentices, six summer Real Farm Experience interns, one phone representative and one delivery guy!

Today we will introduce you to the Salatin families:

Lucille - Grandma to everyone here originally bought the farm in 1961. At this time, she volunteers at many of the tourist locations in Staunton, including the Blackfriar Playhouse, and the Visitor Center.

Joel and Teresa - Joel is the innovator here at Polyface and keeps busy writing and speaking. You can check out his speaking schedule and see just how busy he stays.
Teresa is the farm bookkeeper, event coordinator and also cooks meals for our full-time team.

Daniel and Sheri - Daniel is in charge of the day-to-day workings of the farm. He handles the logistics of moving the cows, getting the animals fed, coordinating all of the interns, butchering days, buying club load up and delivery, Restaurant delivery, building projects and anything else that needs to be done.
Sheri is full-time mom to Travis (5), Andrew (3) and Lauryn (8 months) She handles all of the buying club orders, emails and website maintenance. She is also our restaurant and retail store contact and handles all of our on-farm orders.

Rachel - Rachel just graduated from the Art Institute of Charlotte, NC with a degree in Interior Design. She is the artistic one here at the farm and is currently working for a caterer in the area as well as looking for a job using her decorating skills.

The Salatins - Back row - Teresa, Lucille, Sheri,
Front row - Joel, Andrew, Daniel, Travis, Rachel

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