Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taste of Polyface.....

For those of you who are not lucky enough to experience a meal at Polyface with the very people that have not only prepared your food, but raised and cared for it, we offer a list on our website of some great restaurants that serve our products! Please visit our website to find a restaurant in your area. If you are coming to visit the farm you should plan on either eating lunch at Cranberry's Grocery, or dinner at Zynodoa's.

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Gej said...

I just encountered your farm in the book Omnivore's Dilemma written by Michael Pollan. I admire very much what you've done in Polyface - truly a farm with integrity. And it works.

I am writing all the way from the Philippines. I own a farm Kitchen Herbs Farm, an organic farm in the outskirts of Metro Manila ( the largest urban center of the Philippines) that produces specialty produce and salad products for restaurants and hotels as well as individuals who insist on local and organic produce.
Right now, since I produce only plant produce, I have to purchase my manure for my compost from nearby chicken farms. Aside from the added cost, I have to be content with their quality (probably full of antibiotic and other strain) since I have no other option (if there were an organic chicken farm here I would be the first to purchase their manure).
I have been interested in integrating livestock in my operation, and am fascinated how you've done it in Polyface Inc. Would sure like to learn from you, even long-distance.
For one, How did you design and construct your broiler and layer huts, so that they are easily moveable? Do you let the chickens out first, move, then place the chickens back in (this must be difficult!) Or are the huts designed so that you move them WITH the chickens inside?
There is an added challenge in our part of the world. We don't have winter but we have a rainy season - I'll have to determine the implications of this in terms of having grass-fed broilers and organic eggs.
Hoping for a kind response from you.
Congratulations for what your family has done with Polyface - an insiration for many others around the world like me who likewise yearn for a way of growing and sourcing food that is truly delicious, nutritious and grown in harmony with nature.
- Gerardo B. Jimenez
Kitchen Herbs Farm
Santa Rosa Laguna

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