Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Autumn on the farm

The fall leaves are just so pretty that I just had to share some pictures with you. Although I must say, these pictures by no means do it justice! What a beautiful world God has created!

The above picture was taken this morning from my deck. For those of you who enjoy our pork, you might like to know that the pigs are in those trees, munching on those yummy acorns. Polyface land, consisting of about 550 acres, goes just over the top of the mountain. It's about 4 miles or so to the top.

Here's Travis, our oldest son, enjoying the fall leaves.
It's really been unseasonably warm this year. We use a woodstove to heat the house and haven't even needed to start a fire yet. Joel and Teresa use an outdoor wood furnace that heats both the farmhouse and Grandma Salatin's house. They have been running their stove, because Grandma likes it warm. :o)
On another note, today is our last day for butchering broilers for the year. We're really looking forward to the break. We'll start processing broilers again in May.
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