Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So if you're from Texas and he's from Virginia... did you two meet?

I think that is one of the number one questions that Daniel and I get. We are getting ready to celerate our 6th Anniversary on Sunday, November 2nd. So in honor of that, I thought I would share our story.

I'm from McDade, Texas - a little tiny town about 60 minutes east of Austin, Tx. My family owned a small farm (about 45 acres) there where we raised about 2,000 broilers, 15 pigs, 50 turkeys, 10 rabbits, 15 beef cows, and one milk cow. A friend had given us a copy of Pastured Poultry Profits in 1995 when it first came out and we were attempting to raise our broilers the "Salatin Method". We built our field shelters and used the feed ration in the book and started getting a really nice customer base consisting of friends and mere acquaintances. Our weak link was the processing! It took us forever to process the broilers. We were averaging around 50 broilers per day. (To give you a better idea of how sloooooooowww that is, Polyface averages 200 birds per hour) So, in August 1996, we packed up the car and took our family vacation to Swoope, VA (I was 16). We planned the trip to coincide with their butcher day. So it was here around the "oh-so-romantic" butcher table where Daniel and I first met. :o)

For me it was most definitely love-at-first-sight! Uh, that is, love for Daniel at first sight, not the chickens. Ha! Of course, I didn't tell him that when I met him. So it took Daniel just a bit longer (6 years) to realize that I was the girl of his dreams and we didn't actually officially start dating (if you will call it that considering we were 1,200 miles apart) until 2001. We did the whole long distance courtship thing - talked on the phone, cell phone on the weekends or after 9pm, email, letters, instant messaging, that sort of thing. At that time much like now, Daniel was very busy with the farm so we didn't really spend all that much time in each other's company. In fact, we counted the days: From the day that we met to the day that we got married, we had actually seen each other only 45 days. See? Long-distance friendships do work! :o)

Here we are 6 years and 3 kids later, still as in love as ever and living life to its fullest!

Now, isn't that romantic? :o)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Greenwood Store, Crozet, Va

This is one of my favorite places all year round...but especially in the fall! They have a fabulous selection of wine, coffee, sandwiches as well as other yummy prepared food to go and of course Polyface products! You won't want to leave!
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