Monday, January 19, 2009

Product Management Assistant

This was just posted our Polyface Farms website, but we also thought to post it here in case any of you are interested.


Polyface has an immediate opening for a PRODUCT MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT.

We expect to fill this position on or around March 1. Interested candidates may call at 540-885-3590 or email us at .

Background: Families serviced through Polyface Metropolitan Buying Clubs are approaching 2,000 in more than 20 drop locations. To service this rapidly expanding patron base requires an additional team member.

We need you to be part of our Polyface Team. We need you to accurately and efficiently fill the buying club orders. This is the vital link between Polyface pastures and patron plates. These folks depend on Polyface for safe and nutritious food. This is a long-term need that appears to be increasing every day.


In charge of product load up for Metropolitan Buying Clubs. Working with one or two Polyface interns or apprentices, this person will handle the invoices and be in charge of the load up procedure. This activity occurs in the Polyface sales building and cannot be performed off site.

Put drop dates on invoices in QuickBooks.

Maintain the roll sheet that records who has ordered each time.

Create the report sheet that tallies item totals so that the product can be pulled from the freezer and readied for load up.

Tally the cooler count after load up so that the correct ones can be pulled from the freezer on the morning of delivery.

After delivery, match checks and cash with invoices as part of bank deposit preparation.

In general, work would occur weekdays for about 2.5 - 3 days per week (Mondays, Tuesdays and either Thursday or Friday depending on the week), or roughly 20 hours per week. A possibility for more income exists depending on interest.


Highly organized and meticulous to a fault.

Must have at least a working knowledge of QuickBooks and Excel.

Efficiency—that is why we’re paying a salary, not hourly.

Great sales and people skills—effervescent, even. Radiant.


$15,000 per year salary. If this can all be done faster, that’s great.
Workmen’s comp.
15 percent employee discount for Polyface products.

Polyface is NOT an equal opportunity employer, does NOT take government money, is VERY discriminatory and LOVES bright eyed, bushy-tailed self-starters. This position requires working closely with Christian environmentalist libertarian capitalist lunatic farmers. If that sounds like your team, welcome home.

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