Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Newsletter of the Season

Howdy Folks,

We trust that you all had a great winter! We're looking forward to another exciting year here on the farm. It's time to start placing your orders for the March/April deliveries! Lots of new things for this year, so read on...

Those of you who ordered bulk pork last fall; it will be coming to you this time. Please email Sheri with your drop preference as soon as possible. Thanks.

NEW FOR 2009
There are many additions and changes for this year. Please read the following carefully to make sure that you are up to date on everything.

We now have a total of 28 drop locations. Please look over the list (see left column near the bottom of this page) for the drop nearest to you.
Also please look over the new pick up times, dates and days!
Charlottesville folks, your location has changed. Please be sure to take note of that.
Virginia Beach and Chesapeake were discontinued. Your closest drop is now Williamsburg.

All deadlines are now 1 week before YOUR pick up date. The online order form will be up and running all the time with weekly updates of inventory every Monday. I will be disabling your drop location after the deadline until the day of your delivery. If you try to order after the deadline you will need to either wait until the next month or pick up at a different location.

To keep up with the latest news on the farm, please check this blog for weekly updates. We are going to be keeping these "newsletters" as short as possible this year, with the bare minimum information. The blog will give you more up-to-date farm news, interviews and recipes. We would love to have your feedback on our posts.

We are going to be enacting a new pick up procedure. Need to be in and out fast? Now you don't have to wait on us to hand you your order. We will set it up so that you can quickly get it yourself. For those of you with small children or in need of assistance, we will be there to help you. Our hope is to eliminate lines and speed up the pick up process. This will also allow for more customers per drop.
The new procedure is as follows:
  1. Pick up your invoice from Richard
  2. Tear off the bottom copy of your invoice (yellow) and give it to Richard with your check or cash
  3. Look at the bottom portion of your invoice, where it says "cooler"
  4. Find your appropriate cooler or bag (they will be in alphabetical order)
  5. Check to make sure your entire order of frozen products is there.
  6. Pick up your eggs, apple juice, books or ice cream.
Thank you for working with us!

We are now offering Wolfie's Polyface Dog Food made of Polyface meat scraps and local vegetables. Please refer to the Polyface Yum website for more information.

Also, we will be offering Perfect Flavor Ice Cream (made with Polyface Eggs!) on a trial run basis. We are offering this for the first drop of the year just to see how well it transports and how well you all like it. Feedback would be awesome! More information on this product can also be found on the Polyface Yum website.

As usual the shopping cart will NOT give you a correct total. It does not calculate tax, delivery or pounds. If you need your exact total before the day of pick up, we welcome you to call us up to the day before your drop. We will be happy to give it to you at that time. As always, we accept check or cash upon delivery - No credit cards or PayPal.

Many of you have been asking about bulk beef and pork for this year. Yes, we will be offering this again. More information on pricing, how and when to order will be coming to you in the next month or so.

See you all soon!

The Salatins at Polyface Farm

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