Friday, October 9, 2009

Thoughts from Joel

A documentary videographer from Spain spent the day at Polyface today, getting pictures of cow moves, poultry processing, feathernet moving, and new pastured poultry salad bars. He interviewed me for an hour and as the conversation went along, he asked: "Is there a war?"

He was responding to my explanation of industrial food's attacks on pasture-based livestock as anti-science, Luddite, and threatening to the world's food production. After all, our chickens commune with Red Winged blackbirds who take our chicken's diseases to the science-based Tyson chicken houses, destroying the planet's food supply.

Anyone who thinks the heritage based, nutrient dense, pasture-based, low-energy, life-honoring model is winning has not kept up with the new attacks from corporate food. As long as our side stays below 1 percent of the food supply, we're just an annoying gnat. But as people drop
out of industrial food, the food lord elitists ensconced in their corporate castles unleash their campaign to marginalize, demonize, and criminalize us.

Perhaps one of the funniest questions people ask me out on the speaking trail is: "How do your neighbors feel about you? Do they just come over to learn all the time?" Folks, not only do they not want to know what we're doing, they actually believe the industrial food elitists who say we
threaten their livelihood with disease and will eventually destroy the planet's food supply. To be fair, not all of our neighbors, but most.

Shortly after the videographer left, Wendy, our gatekeeper, called and said the man I had lined up only an hour earlier to bring us a load of sawdust on Monday was canceling
because of the way we abused our cows. I called him back and he refused to bring us sawdust at any price because of FOOD INC. He said what we represented was so reprehensible that he could not imagine selling us sawdust. I responded: "Well, I guess we know where you stand." To which he replied: "Yes indeed. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."
Animal abuse? Of course. If you don't vaccinate, medicate, hormone inject--use all the science based techniques--you're abusing your animals.

In other words, I'm sure this man would support police action against Polyface to protect the Shenandoah Valley's agriculture from our anti-scientific methods.

You moms who refuse to get your children vaccinated for H1N1 are abusing your children just like I abuse our cows. The thought of denying them the latest science-based drugs is an act of war. Yes, we are at war. Obviously my sawdust guy has picked his side. And I've picked mine.
How about you?

Joel Salatin, October 9, 2009
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