Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cooking eggs in Stainless Steel

How to Cook Eggs in a Stainless Steel Pan.
by Helen Dickey

Put dry pan with lid on stove on medium-low heat.
Let it heat up until butter will sizzle.
Coat the bottom with sizzing butter by drawing on it with the butter stick.
Put in 3 to 4 eggs. (Too many does not work well.)
Cover and wait about a minute or two until the eggs have started to cook some
on the bottom---you can see through them that they are white.
Pour in about one tablespoon of water. Lift eggs on top of water with a
pancake turner, by pushing it flat against the bottom under the eggs. They
will come up easily and not break. Put lid back on and steam until top skin
is firm. You can also turn them over if you like. The centers will be nice
and runny. The pan will be easy to clean (baking soda paste always works
well on stainless steel if there is a problem) and the eggs will not be burnt
or broken.

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