Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coming up on July 9, 2011...

occurs only once every three years and will be repeated this year on July 9.  One of the largest on-farm events in the nation, it includes farm tours,trade shows, networking, book store, and the best array of barbecued pastured meats you'll find anywhere.  Family friendly and insanely information-dense, this day transforms lives. Book early to ensure access.


6-7:30   Early bird walk-about.  Feel free to see what Polyface looks like at dawn while the grass still sparkles with dew.
7:30-9   registration
8-10:30  Whole Farm Tour with Joel Salatin.  This is a one mile walking tour with hay wagon transportation provided for handicapped.
9:30-10:30   Rabbit Production with Daniel Salatin.  For 21 years, Daniel’s linebred forage-based meat rabbits illustrate nativized genetics.
10-10:30  Chick Brooding with Kristen Nia Long
11-noon  Interns, apprentices, and young farmer germination with Daniel Salatin.
11-noon     Horticulture, mushrooms, and layering complementary production enterprises at Polyface with Dan Solberg
11-noon      Hay shed, deep bedding and pigaerator composting with Joel Salatin.
noon-1:30    Lunch—Barbecued chicken, barbecued beef, barbecued pork, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, chocolate buttermilk cake
1:30-4   Whole Farm Tour with Joel Salatin (Repeat of the morning tour—same route, same conditions)
2-3          Rabbit Production with Daniel Salatin (Repeat of the morning discussion)
2-3        Metropolitan Buying Clubs, Zen-Cart and software with Sheri Salatin
2:30-3   Chick Brooding with Kristen Nia Long (Repeat of morning)
4-5       Horticulture, etc. with Dan Solberg (Repeat of morning tour)
4-5:30   Q&A with Joel
4:30-6      Evening chores

All questions should be directed to Acres USA.  To Register visit ACRES USA or call toll-free to register with your credit card — or for more information!


To see a listing of all Polyface Tour options, please visit our tour page.

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