Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moving the cows across the Cow Pasture River

 Yesterday, we had to move the cows across the Cow Pasture River in Bath County to graze the field over there. Grace Hernandez (Buxton farm manager with her husband, Michael) was kind enough to photograph the move.
 Daniel on the tractor with the water buggy - a homemade contraption with water tanks on it. We pump the water out of the river and it flows directly into these tanks.  The only time the cows ever touch the river is when we have to move them from one field to another.  The river and all waterways are fenced out.
 Here they come!

If you squint and imagine this photo in black and white, you can almost see the cowboys on their horses herding the cows.


theYakRanch said...

Love it! Moving the water tanks looks like a blast.

UberFilipi said...

My Dad is a farmer in Barboursville. I grew up with cattle, sheep, and chickens, (and pigs before all the blood tests became too expensive for the farm to deal with). These pics make me think of home :-)

Kristin said...

Didn't know you could drive a tractor across a river!

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