Monday, March 7, 2011

Polyface Field Day - July 9, 2011

What you'll see and learn about on this special day:

PASTURED BROILERS     Raised ion moveable, floorless shelters, these meat birds net $2,000 per acre and cycle every 8 weeks.  The ultimate alternative to vertically integrated, inhumane, industrial factory chickens.

SALAD BAR BEEF   Mimicking the natural mobbing, moving, and mowing of native herbivores, cows receive a fresh pasture paddock of perennial polycultures every day.  Beeves finish on grass rather than grain, eliminating feedlots and enhancing the environment.

EGGMOBILES   Portable housing for laying hens, this production model utilizes birds as pasture sanitizers behind herbivores.  An ideal stacking enterprise that creates income and high-quality eggs from salvage operations.

MILLENNIUM FEATHERNET   Commercial pastured egg production utilizing high-tech electrified poultry netting and portable hoop structures—ultimately marrying the heritage “chickenness” of the chicken with the latest technological innovation for symbiosis.

PASTURED TURKEYS   Portable Gobbledygos provide shelter for turkeys,  especially aggressive poultry grazers.

PASTURED RABBIT  Harepens give weanlings all the forage they want but with enough movement flexibility to stay ahead of pathogens.  This model cuts feed costs dramatically and produces a rabbit in constant demand by the best gourmet chefs. A wonderfully quiet nutrient dense animal for small acreages and back yards.

PASTURED PORK  See pigs on pasture, slowly converting wooded areas into savannahs.  Portable feeders and electric fences provide hygienic and aesthetically pleasing outdoor production models.  Its truly hog heaven.

VEGETABLES   Polyface now offers a fully array of vegetables from hoop houses and beds utilizing microsites around the farm like barn eaves and southern terraces.  This is an independent layers business operated by a former intern.

SAWMILL  Lightweight and portable, bandsaw mills offer value added opportunities for woodlot owners and huge money savings for construction projects.  The Polyface mill will be operating throughout the day.

CHIPPING   Carbon and biomass accumulation can be generated efficiently on the farm with commercial PTO-powered chippers.  Watch the Polyface chipper turn brush and slab wood into compost-sized nuggets.

WATER SYSTEMS   From earthen ponds to gravity fed water, Polyface uses low-cost, low-tech systems to supply pressurized water to every corner of the farm.

ELECTRIC FENCING   Do-it-yourself portable and low-cost electric fencing systems are the key to reducing costs and improving management.  You’ll see new ideas for managing animals.

MULTIPLE USE HOOP HOUSES  In the winter, these structures house rabbits, laying hens, and pigs.  In the spring, summer and fall, Polyface enjoys season extension for vegetables under these tall tunnels.

TRADE SHOW  Visit with organizations and suppliers that keep Polyface functioning smoothly.  By invitation only, these businesses and groups will put you in touch with the latest greatest supplies and ideas in the pastured livestock and local food movement.

ACRES USA BOOKSTORE   Arguably the most comprehensive selection of eco-friendly books in America, you’ll want to take home plenty of mind-expanding books to maintain the momentum gained during this memorable day.

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