Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Springin' Forward

Have you caught up on your sleep yet?

Most people are aware that the practice of Daylight Savings Time has its roots in agriculture, but few know the reason it was put into place. Since Ben Franklin first proposed it in 1784, the practice has had stops and starts – mostly leaving everybody confused about what time it actually was.
President Roosevelt signed DST into law for the duration of World War II, due to the tremendous government push for wartime Victory Gardens. The argument was that in order for every American to do their part and produce food on the home front, they would need extra daylight to come home from their day jobs and cultivate backyard gardens. Just about 20 million Americans got involved with the effort, and ended up producing the same amount of food during those years as the industrial farming systems of the time.

The practice of DST has stuck around, but the battle cry for victory gardens hasn’t remained as urgent since World War II ended. However, growing food at home – whether it be sprouting grains in a jar, keeping laying hens in the backyard, or planting fruit trees – makes a big difference. Fresh air, physical movement, and good food give a gratifying sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.
How are you going to use your extra hour of sunlight each day in the coming weeks?


Roger said...

I work second shift (3-11pm). I use the extra hour of dark in the morning to catch up on my sleep before heading out to chores.

Lorie said...

I always use the extra daylight to hang out with the animals after a long day in the office. DST is my favorite time of year!!

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