Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Day In My Life

I thought it would be fun to post about a day's events working here at the farm. I often get asked what a typical work day is like at Polyface, but in all honesty, there is no "typical" day. Every day is so unique!. Everyone works in many fields of expertise, so we all get to learn all aspects of a successful farming enterprise. Here is what I did yesterday. A big thank you to Wendy for the pictures!

6:10 A.M. Wake-up, crawl out of my top bunk bed, and get ready for the day.

6:18 A.M. Walk outside and head down the hill to my chores. There is a beautiful sunrise as the glowing orange sun poked through the trees. The morning is warm, and I am thankful to be able to wear a t-shirt again after the chilly winter.

I care for the brooder. There are week-old broiler chicks and turkeys in the brooder now. They are doing well and enjoying the warm weather, too. After doing the brooder chores, I head up the road with Daniel Salatin and an apprentice, Brian Nelson, to broiler chores. Another apprentice, Eric Barth, is already there moving the broiler shelters. We finish moving, watering, and feeding the birds.

Today is our first butchering day for the year. Restaurants have placed orders for the fresh chicken, so we catch enough birds to fill their orders, and head in to breakfast.

7:38 A.M. Breakfast time. I make breakfast: an omelet with hot italian sausage, onions, sharp cheddar cheese, and collard greens. I also check up on on some emails.

8:36 A.M. I head down the hill to the processing shed and begin to set up for processing the birds. It is the first day of processing in our new processing shed. It looks so new and beautiful!

We begin to process the broilers, and some roosters too. Several new farmers came to learn how to process birds, so we took the time to teach them the techniques. I had the privilege to gut the birds alongside Joel, who is an incredibly swift and talented gutter himself.

We process all the birds and clean up the shed. Birds, hearts & livers, and feet are chilled. Bag up the hearts and livers.

12:07 P.M. Lunch time. I make lunch (yummy leftovers), check emails, and do the dishes.

12:52 P.M. Begin bagging the roosters and chilling the broilers for the restaurants. We bag all the feet, too.

2:23 P.M. Head down the road to the processing place where our beeves and hogs are butchered. I pick up the orders and head back home.

4:32 P.M. Arrive back at Polyface. Unload the meat with Eric. I care for the brooder and begin sorting eggs with the other farmhands.

5:48 P.M. Chores are complete - cows are moved to new pasture, birds are watered and fed, chicks are happy, eggs are gathered, sorted, and put away.

After that I ate made and ate dinner, relaxed, did the dishes, and folded my laundry....

What have you been up to this week? Or what is your daily life like?


Rosi Lovell said...

It's 5:35 and I just helped my husband off to work. He works in an underground mine in Western Kentucky. I am having my coffee and reading your blog, checking emails and Facebook. Planning my day. I will catch up on dishes and laundry this morning, then our intern and I will need to move our broiler pen and feed and water the chicks. We have broilers and egg layers in our pen until the layers get big enough to be in the poultry netting. We have just had five days in a row of tornado warnings and torrential rain, so we are going to have to find the driest ground on which to have our chickens. I also need to go by the bee hive and feed our new bees. We will feed and water our pigs and rabbits, then work on Spring cleaning our Farm Market. We are preparing to open in June. I love reading your blog and thank you for sharing!

Sheri said...

Awesome post, Kristen. Thanks for sharing. :o)

Jamie said...

Great to work alongside you yesterday and see ya in action! You did a great job, and I look forward to seeing you more!

Vivienne said...

Nice post! I walk the dog at 6am, breakfast, out the door to work by 7.45, teach music to teenagers all day (YAY!!! I LOVE my job!!!!!), walk the dog again when I get home, pick something from the garden to have with or for dinner, go out to musical rehearsals and then crash when I get home.

The weekends are for gardening!

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