Friday, April 15, 2011

Did you know? Fun farm trivia

I posted this about 4 years ago, but thought that I would share it again.

A list of common to little known farm animal facts:
  • Cows are herbivores
  • Cows and bulls can have horns
  • Cows have 4 stomachs
  • A heifer is a cow who has not had a calf yet, once she gives birth she becomes a cow
  • Cows have no top teeth, only bottom teeth
  • When a rabbit gives birth, it is called kindling
  • Rabbits are herbivores
  • Rabbits chew their cud, similar to cows
    • A rooster is not needed for hens to lay eggs
    • A young laying hen, before she is old enough to lay eggs, is called a pullet
    • Chickens are omnivores
    • Chickens (and all poultry) don't have a stomach, instead they have a crop located in their neck.
      • A baby turkey is called a poult
      • Turkeys are omnivores
      • Pigs are omnivores

      Which one did you find the most surprising? Do you have one to add?

      Coming up next week - I'll start the book discussion on Marketing Grassfed Products Profitably. Click here to see my previous post about this.


      Zorban99 said...

      Thanks for re-sharing!

      Charlotte's Web Farm said...

      Cows have one stomach with 4 compartments.

      EllaJac said...

      I gained an education a couple weeks ago when we took the first (only!) nice day of the year to scrape a few layers out of the chicken coop... We unearthed a maze of mice (and their hoarded wheat! Thieves! :) ), and later our oldest hen (4.5 years) CAUGHT a small mouse, ran all around with it as they do, dropped it to peck it here and there, and eventually pecked it to death and ATE IT. *shudder* I knew the old-timers used to shoot some varmint occasionally in winter to supplement the hens' diet, but wow, was that a little up-front and personal! I reminded myself that her digestion is geared for dismantling and reassembling the mouse-proteins into nice, *clean* egg proteins..!

      Suzanne said...

      I love to tell folks all the different names farmers have for the same species. Sows are female pigs that have had piglets, gilts are the heifers of the pig world. Barrows are castrated males. Boars are intact males. A steer is a castrated male bovine. Technically, cows refers only to female bovines that have had calves, even though it's common to refer to a group of mixed bovines as cows.

      Anonymous said...

      is it true that chickens only have one hole and that is where the eggs and the poop come out?

      Amazed said...

      Yes the "hole" is known as a "vent".

      Jamie said...

      This is a great post and I love everyone's comments! I learned a lot! Thanks. =) Does anyone know the reason for double yolk eggs, and is there a specific hen that always lays them, or can any hen lay a double yolk?

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