Friday, April 29, 2011

Marketing: Know your target

Let's talk for a moment about our audience.  A big mistake that farmers make when it comes to selling their products is not knowing "who" they are selling to.

For example: If you are an artisanal cheese maker trying to sell your cheese, the parking lot of a dollar/super store would be a bad market for you. The clientele that visit the super stores on a regular basis are not the type of people who will pay a premium price for premium cheese. They are interested in getting the most out of their dollar. Quality is not even a second thought.

Many times, a farmer's market stand will not do well. This may or may not be because of the producer, the set up or the advertising of your booth. It's possible that it is due to the market itself. Look around. Are the other products offered comparable to yours?  Are the visitors looking for a deal or looking for healthy local food?

Most times, your market focus should be on folks just like you, but with a little more cash. Ha!

Your homework:
Take some time to think about your best clients. What are they like? What do they drive?
How can you get more like them?

It is easier to get 100 people to spend $1,000 with you, than 1,000 people to spend $100 with you.

Questions? Let's talk.


Matthew said...

YES! (and it's much less work!)

Sheri said...

Yes, indeed, Matthew. :o)

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