Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seasonal farm hands arrive

Everyone knows you can't farm alone. Why would you want to? Thus, we are delighted to introduce our seasonal help for our first year at Buxton Farm; Daphne and Vinay. You can tell from their unique names that they come from afar with great purpose and intention to learn animal husbandry with us.

Daphne was born in Rome, Italy and got her degree in Architecture in Santa Barbara, California in 2007. Vinay is from India and has lived in  Africa, Canada, and England and other countries. He's spoiling us with his incredible cooking using special indian spices in chicken curries and breakfast porridges made from soaking quinoa in indian herbs with warm milk. I have a renewed interest in cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves!
Our paths crossed several years ago when we met taking a permaculture design course in Ventura California. We have so many things in common and share great conversation and endless ideas.

Besides daily chores yesterday, Daphne helped us plant our hoop house, rescue our broilers in the field from a (sudden) flood, and carry a water trough for the cows 1/2 mile (uphill) in a hail storm. The farm roads flooded and we had no access to vehicles. She passed her initiation with flying colors! 

It's a treat for us to have a wonderful married couple on the farm with us.  We get 4 months with them before they head off to Australia for a Sustainable Aid Course with permaculture teacher Robyn Frances.  Stay tuned  for more stories and some delicious indian and italian recipes! 

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Jamie said...

How exciting! I look forward to hearing about those recipes. I am addicted to cloves. By the way, HI! I'm Daniel Pike's sister-in-law, my husband is running Briarmoore with him (they are brothers). I hear Buxton is a beautiful farm. I hope those floods didn't ruin too much for y'all yesterday! Enjoy the green grass! =)

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