Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful baby calf born

When Michael and I apprenticed at King Hill Farm in Maine we had the supreme joy of assisting sheep birth lambs. Well, we only interfered when it was desperately needed. I will always remember one momma who had triplets. She was unable to feed all three babies so I took one of them to a nice neighbor who welcomed the newborn. I fell in love with these little beings. Especially the sound of  their sweet cries. We had about 30 lambs giving birth within a two week  period. We were busy bees. I'm certain my heart opened a bit further from this powerful experience.
     This past Sunday May morning my amazing husband helped pull this calf from a young potential mother all by himself. The cows were  across the river  and every morning after chores he crosses the swinging bridge to check on them. That's when he realized he had to act fast. No way to tell how long mom had been struggling with the birth. Unfortunately the mom wasn't in the best of health and did not survive. The good news is our neighbors,  Ben and Julie Peart have two calves they're already  milking and so they were kind enough to add this little guy to the group. This was such a relief for us. Being new at Buxton we're incredibly busy. Right now we have 600 chicks in our brooder who depend on us and we only have so much to go around!I look forward to taking on an opportunity like this one in the future. As of yesterday the baby was doing just fine!

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Kristin said...

Now you've got a calf, too! :) What an amazing picture!

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