Saturday, May 7, 2011

My week in pictures

My son and I putting in new flower beds in front of the house. He loves digging in the dirt. I'm excited about the stone border my brother-in-law showed me how to build!

Helping move the cows across the road... and back a few days later. It was a lot of fun- moving the cows is invigorating!

Taking care of "baby cow". She's doing very well. Joel recommended we put a few eggs in each bottle to help prevent diarrhea (often a problem with bottle babies)- this worked like a charm! Baby Cow is currently in the corral with a mother cow who's calf died a few days ago- hopefully this mother will accept Baby Cow and we will no longer have to bottle feed her!

Admiring the egg-mobile from my kitchen window.

Happy layers following happy cows over the hills

Kitty-kitty nursing her 4 kittens

I went to the farmer's market for the first time last night as a vendor! This is the Polyface & Friends table where I sold my handcrafted soap, lip balm, and laundry detergent.

We also had our first processing day of the season on Thursday, which went well! Honestly, it's not a bad job at all- it's so lovely being outdoors, enjoying the breeze, and spending time with family and friends while you work. I look forward to doing it again!

This afternoon I'll be making a few batches of soap and washing eggs. I love farm life.
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Kristen said...

I love farm life, too! Excellent post, Kristin!

EllaJac said...

Love it!

I'm right now bottle-raising our first ever calf. He's a Jersey, and he ended up with scours, despite his luxurious accommodations and spoiled lifestyle. :) We're giving him 1 egg per day (per instructions from my neighbor - a conventional dairyman) as well as antibiotics :(. He's doing better, but we're so new at this! There is no mama to take him, and he's on 'formula' of course. Do you have any further instructions/advice on such a project? Would we do well to up his egg intake considerably?

Thank you for any thoughts! :)

Jamie said...

I love being out there on the farm with you guys so much...I am considering living in a tent-just to breathe in the beauty of it all every morning. At least it's only a 17 minute drive for now. =) I love your pictures! Zeke could sit in that flower bed all day if you let him! So sweet! See ya soon!

And to EllaJac: Joel suggested 2 eggs per bottle (and they are grass-fed-Polyface eggs)! =) Hope that helps you; and good luck with your baby cow!

EllaJac said...

Thanks Jamie! I've been using our own homegrown, free-range, soy-free eggs, though we certainly don't have as many as Joel! I'll up his intake a bit, and see if that helps. He's ACTING better (tail wagging, searching under my apron for an udder!), and his poo is slightly improved - more like mustard - but still seems a little looser than what my neighbor said was normal.

Kristin said...

EllaJac-- Joel recommended two eggs per bottle- as Jamie said. However, I've been giving her 3 eggs per bottle, totaling 12 eggs a day, as she takes 4 bottles. She's doing really well! Unfortunately the mother cows milk dried up so the "adoption" didn't work. I'm afraid baby cow's health suffered a little during that process, as we cut down to 2 bottles a day while we were trying to get her to nurse- but she wasn't getting enough sustenance from the mother. Anyway, she's recovering well and back to 4 bottles a day. Don't know if that helps you at all, but you could definitely up the amount of eggs no problem!

Jamie said...

EllaJac-Glad to hear!! The baby cow at Briarmoore is always slobbering on my clothing in search too! I think it's so cute having a calf as a pet...I've never experienced anything like it before. She's like a big farm dog. Kristin was so sweet to take her in and bottle feed her. She's a good mama!

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