Friday, May 13, 2011

Natural Farming: Inspiring Passionate 'Stewards'

CBN News Report - Click here to read the whole story

What are your thoughts?


Rosie said...

My hero! Congratulations on a great article!

skell said...

That is really cool, I sent it to a lot of friends and family on facebook. By the way I am one of the hundreds turned down, and we came for a checkout, Steve and Francie, you all were so welcoming and we had a great experience with all the family. We have been inspired and are now raising 35 broilers. They are only two weeks old, but they fill us with joy constantly. We are using my parents half acre lot because we live in an apartment.

On a side note, they seem to be sneezing in the brooder, any advice for that? It has been a little cool and damp here in Ohio, but they are kept pretty much draft free and steady temperature. I'd love to hear from you!

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