Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy Summer Day

Well, we just finished a delicious summer supper at the farm. It's always a blessing to gather together and share a meal after a good, hard day's work.

This morning we had restaurant load-ups, putting together orders for restaurants and retail stores in the area. Then we did a pick and load-up for putting together Buying Club orders.

Three week old chicks were taken out to fresh pasture and the new baby chicks arrived this afternoon! One of my favorite days are getting the brooder prepped and ready to receive the new babies. Chores are done, and we're enjoying the beautiful evening here at Polyface.

How is your day? What are your favorite pastimes in summer?


Kay said...

I was wondering how much feed do you give your broilers? Unlimited? Do you only tend to them 1X per day?

Mine are eating non-stop and I was wondering if that is o.k? They are5 weeks old.


Kristen said...

Hi Kay,
It's good for broilers to have access to feed, but it should be monitored. We have 5' feeders in each of our broiler pens and the maximum number of birds per pen is 75.
Fill the feeders in the morning. In the afternoon, check the feeders. If there is plenty of feed until the next morning, leave it be. If the feeders will be completely out by morning, then feed again, but only as much as to leave a small skiff by morning.

Kay said...

Thanks! I couldn't find this info. in Joel's book. I have 50 birds and my feeders are four feet. I have two of them. I would say they are 3" deep? Do you give them grit also?

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