Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Butchering skills

Poppy Flower and saving it's seed
Lauren, Travis, and Andrew Salatin
Master Sheri, chicken gutting
Double Rainbow at Buxton

This weekend we were fortunate to have Sheri Salatin help us butcher. I learned about speed, efficiency, and quality. We could hardly keep up with how fast she gutted each chicken. Her speed is my new inspiration. Along with her help and the help of our neighbor, John Brown we did 100 birds in 1 hour. Michael kept time! BEFORE lunch we had all the chickens bagged! Michael and I actually had time for a siesta which included a nice NAP! Oh, what I would do for a nap! It is a priceless luxury these days.
Daniel and Sheri brought their beautiful children to Buxton. I love when the kids come along because they immediately explore the farm, they peek into every building, poke fun with the barn cats and help with the animals. It's refreshing watching children laugh and play. We get so intense with our work some days we forget the joy of playing. What sweet reminders!
I'm happy to share what I've learned about saving seeds. PATIENCE is the key. The seeds take quite a long time to bolt which begins the process of seed saving. This gorgeous poppy flower will be the first seed I will be saving this year. I will start taking photos of the process for you to see. It helps if you have a lot of space for growing if you wish to save seed. The process is quite lengthy. I'm still learning and I'm fascinated by it.

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