Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Discussion for Made from Scratch - part 2

We're continuing our discussion on Made From Scratch by Jenna Woginrich. Jump in whenever you would like!


Jenna says in her preface, "The work in this book isn't about playing farmer, it's about being more responsible for the tasks we've become numb to." Is it a boon to us that food is available all seasons of the year, or that television clicks on immediately at the touch of a button?

What are you taking more responsibility for in your life?

Are there things that you are "taking back" so to speak and simplifying?

Are there things that you want to take back but haven't figured out how to do it yet?


ooglebloops said...

Just starting to read this book- finished her book about raising chickens, and finished The Dirty Life - both very good!!
I am taking more responsibility on knowing where the food I eat and feed my family comes from.
Simplifying by driving less, and not buying "new" if it can be avoided. Recycling by thrifting!
Haven't yet figured out how to convince my husband that we should make our house passive solar!!

Marci said...

I just got my book as well.. finally. :) I have started it and just loved the whole preface.

misskp said...

Raced ahead and finished the book...loved it! I am trying to take more general responsibility for my footprint on earth. Am gardening, driving less, making my soap, recycling, thrifting and buying more bulk, less packaging, composting, raising chickens, using a goat to "mow" the weeds instead of chemicals. Those are my first little steps. I want to raise meat, but haven't figured it out yet...not sure I can be a butcher, but I know it is part of taking responsibility for what we eat.

jlandrist said...

I read this book several months ago and it is one I continually go back to. I have used the bread recipe many times and make butter regularly. I grind my coffee by hand even though I have an electric grinder. These are but small things, though.

I am trying to convince my fiance to move to the country. I have always wanted a farm but that yearning has only gotten stronger. I long for a simpler life. One a little more disconnected from all of the technology and rat-race of the life we have.

We have become so dependent on life's conveniences that we take them for granted. We are angered at the slightest imposition on our techno-driven lives. A power outage? Oh, the horror! Something out of stock and the grocery store? How could they?!

My next step is try and grow our own grain but I just don't think we have the room. Yet...

Marci said...

We already do a lot things. Our journey into this lifestyle started about 15 years ago. I am learning though that there is always something new to learn. You can tweak things, find short cuts, learn how to work smarter, etc. We do a lot and would love to do more, but at this point my husband works full time off the farm and it is just him and me. We are in our early 50's and are looking forward to the time that we can do it full time together. I would encourage any one just starting out... don't rack up debt. Our mortgage is the main reason my husband still has to work off the farm.

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