Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stepping Out

How is your week?

We've been very busy here at Polyface Farm, butchering chickens, gardening, making hay, maintaining fences, laying water lines, and preparing for next week's big event: Field Day! It takes many people to make it all happen, and I am so grateful for this year's team.

Our summer interns have already been here one month and they are doing a fantastic job. Yesterday I was amazed all over again at the initiative and work ethic when there were multiple projects to do and they jumped right in!

As I processed birds with the team yesterday morning, I thought about how each intern brings something unique and special to the team. They are all from different parts of the country, have different families and backgrounds, and hold a variety of beliefs, yet there is a common ground: they all have a passion for what they do, but even more than that, they made the choice to take the first step.

Beginning that first step toward a goal can be the hardest one to make - but it is well worth the effort. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made or other priorities set aside to reach what we hope to attain. At times faith is the only motivator. But knowing you are where you are meant to be is priceless - whether that be working your job, starting a farm or business, homesteading, beginning a friendship or relationship, or stepping out into the unknown; there is something we were all meant to do in life. Every one of us has a purpose. What is your dream? What is your life's passion?

If there was one thing you could do, what would it be? If nothing hindered you from trying, what would you attempt?

Remember to cherish this season of your life. Press on toward the goal!


Wendy said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!! Great post!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I currently live in Staunton, VA, but I dream of moving back to my original home in Alaska and starting a Polyface-style farm in the Matanuska Valley (North of Anchorage). Alaska imports at least 90% of all food-stuff consumed within its borders. Almost all of it comes through a hand full of ports. Its an ecological and food safety powder keg waiting to blow. If anything were to happen to those inroads Alaska would be hurting in a major way.

The downside is that I have a family and I cant just jump into something like that. My current plan is to get my teaching certification and somehow manage to land a job teaching in the public school system. That way I have the majority of the summer free to work on the farm. Eventually, transfer from just a partial summer job to a full time job.

I want to change the way Alaska eats. Simple enough :)

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