Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome Bob and Chris!

Lots of good stuff going on here at Green Light Farm! We're happy to announce that our two interns, Bob and Chris, arrived a couple weeks ago!

Bob (left) is from Rhode Island, and Chris (right) is from New Jersey. They'll be here with us through September, and we are sure glad for their help! I'm especially excited that they both love gardening. They're a huge blessing to us. It's amazing to me how much work 4 strong men can get done in one day!!

A couple weeks ago we had the joy of seeing this beautiful double rainbow! It both started and ended on our farm. Quite lovely.

We're enjoying the full, busy days on the farm. So many things to do! This past Thursday we processed, cut up, and packaged over 400 chickens in 6 hours. We were thrilled to get all that work done so quickly (of course, Bob, Chris and the rest of the team had a lot to do with that)!

Today I planted some basil and lettuce starts, pulled lots of weeds, and made a big grilled chicken salad for lunch. I'm truly enjoying these sunny days where I can hang the laundry out on the line-- something wonderful happens to clean laundry that's dried in the sun! It's so crisp and fresh! *sigh*

I'm currently sipping iced tea and contemplating the house work I need to do! Better get started. There's always something to do around here :)

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Wendy said...

The pic of the rainbows looks like something out of a book! WOW!!!! How beautiful!!!

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