Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcoming Stephen

In February when it was snowy and cold, Michael and I ventured out to the "Rockbridge Grown Good 'n' Friends Annual Potluck Dinner" in Lexington. We met so many like minded people and ate delicious homemade food.  We also connected with a wonderful person from  "James Madison University" who connected us to with their internship program  for students who are interested in working on farms. After  a phone interview with Jennifer Coffman the  University sent someone out to tour  Buxton and then put us on the map as a farm for students to apprentice on. 
Stephen Young arrived last week all the way from Florida. He has never farmed before but you wouldn't know it. He has a great attitude, a curious mind, a generous heart, and a desire to learn and know more. Michael and I are thrilled he found us. Last year he taught English in Paris after finishing college at The University of Chicago. On his second day with us he helped Michael carry a newborn calf from the river field across the swinging bridge. The baby went to previous caretaker, Carl and his wife Norma. It was the first time Stephen experienced a newborn calf.
We  encouraged him to pitch in with  every aspect  on the farm. He cooks! He gardens, and he cleans up after himself! Last week he made incredible homemade spelt biscuits and gravy. He's started his own worm bin, baked  fish he caught in the pond and  the river, he's super independent, creative, and he's terribly  fond of the refreshing  afternoon dips in the river that we live for!  Stephen brings  a youthful, lighthearted, and sweet energy to Buxton.  He's making things a lot easier for us in our first year at Buxton. Things keep getting better and better for Polyface at Buxton just as we intend.

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Sheri said...

Yay! You're back! :o)

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