Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Berry harvest

Tomatoes galore
Turkeys hunting grasshoppers

The Turkeys are growing so fast!

Whenever I sit down to write this blog so many topics come to mind that I could share. So much discovery everyday, in the garden, with the animals, in our relationships with the community, the physical stamina we've developed with this job, (not the aches and pains) the joys, the sorrows of our first season.

What do I choose?

Well, this week let's start with black raspberries. They are all over Buxton Farm and we are carving out time everyday to hunt them down and gobble them up. They are divine! Michael and I are freezing them for our afternoon smoothies, eating them fresh on homemade granola in the early morning, topping them off with our homemade yogurt at the end of a long day. Later this week we hope to harvest enough to make jam!
Growing up in Ohio my sisters and I spent every July harvesting black raspberries. My grandma and my mom loved when we came home with tupperware filled to the brim. It wasn't an easy job and still isn't. Blood, sweat, and tears getting through the thorns to pick them but so worth it, the memories this harvest has brought back has been so sweet. My grandma enjoyed the berries in milk topped with white sugar! I know where I got my sweet tooth.

Tara Miller, from "Farm To You", stopped by this week to pick up eggs for Chef Randy at "Garth Newell Music Center" in Warm Springs. Tara has a really creative job. She comes to the country to gather food from all sorts of diverse farms and then takes selected items to her retail store in Lexington or in some cases delivers the "goods" to the consumer. I have great appreciation for her commitment and support for local food.

Last week I made homemade ketchup from our tomatoes in our hoop house. I'm headed to the kitchen to make tomato sauce today, the hottest day of the summer in the blazing kitchen! Looks like I will be seeing the cool river today as well!

We have an over- abundance of tomatoes, about 30 tomato plants coming in all at once. We've been trading for all sorts of things with our neighbors and eating up as many as we can ourselves everyday. My favorite are "Sungolds" from Johnny's Seeds in Maine. They are a small golden delicious sweet tomato. It's the tomato I prefer. I planted all these tomatoes and I'm not big into eating "night shades"! I look forward to spreading the harvest to the community and to our hens for any left overs. The girls appreciate them too. Stay cool!

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Mudassar Mughal said...

Lovely Hen! I also have (or rather 'had' should I say) a pretty floral/vintage DISPLAY ONLY towel collection in my bathroom - I have given up now after all the running round and searching for the 'plain and boring' ones when the man/boy/pre-teen in the house need to dry their sopping hands! We now all use the display ones too my horse feeders

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