Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Buxton Bursting with Busy----ness!

The beautiful purple poppy flower is the first seed I've saved this year. You can see in the photo how it turned to a deep brown color as I let bolt in order to save the seed. It takes the flower sometime to bolt so be patient when saving seeds.
I shook the bolted poppy and heard all the seeds rattle just like a shaker, this means the seeds have turned brown on the inside and are ready to be split open. You want to make sure the seeds have turned from green to brown inside. I shake them out onto a tarp to make it easy to collect them. The seeds are really tiny. Afterwards, I tuck them away into an envelope with their name and year on it. I don't have to buy additional poppy seeds next year. Next I will be saving chard, beet , and lettuce, and sunflower seeds.

Two days ago I had a few hours to can some of our tomatoes from our hoop house. It was a delight. I made 6 jars of homemade ketchup. Yum!

Neighbors have been stopping in and buying up some of our delicious chickens. Kathy's mom, manager of "The Old Dairy" in Warm Springs loves our grass fed broilers!

The turkeys are growing fast! They are curious about everything and everyone. Fun to watch. I really adore the sounds them make.

We've had some really great helping hands on the farm this week. Hans, a volunteer, has a organic family farm that he is soon to inherit. He's a wizard in the garden. He made carrots rows (single dug )for winter sowing quicker than anyone I've met yet. His farm experience comes in super handy! Hard to believe we're planting for our November harvest. We're just now harvesting our spring carrots but experience how taught me that fall carrots are sometime much sweeter. Stay posted.

We're half way through our season and starting to find personal time for self reflection which we've missed. So much to digest since we arrived last fall. We've really focused on the basics our first year and our hard work seems to be paying off in very suttle ways.

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