About Brie

What is your favorite season?
When I lived in the suburbs, fall was my favorite because the changes were so striking compared to the rest of the year. But this being my first spring on the farm, I’m convinced this is actually the best season. Watching everything bloom and awaken to spring is just plain magic.
What fills your spare time?
Friends, photography, singing, playing guitar and ukulele, cooking, and paper collaging.
What are things you do to feel feminine in your farming life?
Wearing fun-colored muck boots. Wearing my hair down once in awhile, and painting my toenails even though no one ever sees them!
What is a life lesson you’ve learned from being on the farm?
I can think of two - one is the importance of living in the moment. You have to watch the weather, which can change your plans without notice. You have certain, concrete tasks to accomplish each day and have physical proof of the work you did that day. So it’s taught me about being present and doing what needs to be done right now, not worrying so much about yesterday or tomorrow. I have also learned the value of taking time to form a creative solution to a problem. I am always so inspired by Joel and how he says there’s always another option, and you can usually afford the minute to stop and think about it. There’s always one more thing you can try, and this has really affected how I think about all kinds of problems.
If you could share one message to the world, what would that be?
I really think it’s accurate to say that our nation as a whole has an eating disorder. I want to share the message that it’s not about dieting, or flashy gourmet meals, or government food labels. It’s about getting involved in the growing and preparing of food; it’s about quality, nourishment, and sharing with others. And it’s simple.

What makes you feel capable?
My muck boots and Leatherman make me feel like I can take on anything.
Random fact about you?
Most kids, when they are young, want to be something extraordinary when they grow up, right? An astronaut, a ballerina, the U.S. president? When I was a kid, all I ever wanted to be was a grocery store bagger. I thought that was simply the most amazing job. Although the novelty has worn off quite a bit since then, I frequently still offer to bag my own groceries at the store.  I suppose it all really does come back to food with me.
Also, my imaginary friend growing up was Robin Hood. (The fox/Disney Robin Hood.)
What is your greatest asset?
I have really great elbows. I’m sorry, I’m bragging but it’s true (laughs). No, in all seriousness I guess my greatest asset would be being foolish enough to make the career change into farming. I’m still na├»ve enough to think I can help make some change in the world, even if it’s small! J
What inspires you?
Hearing Joel speak gets me fired up about farming. Photography blogs make me look to capture little moments with my camera. I get inspired in the kitchen by fresh ginger. Being in nature – especially mountains and forests. Finding that seedlings have sprouted overnight. Reading and discussing business principles. Talking with people who have done brave and interesting things with their lives. Acoustic music. Fireflies.
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