About Grace

What inspires Grace?
I'm inspired by people. All kinds of people. Children People who take risks. Honest people. Challenged people. Patient people. Funny people. Accomplished people. People who have personal triumphant stories. People who teach what they love. People who love,regardless. Nature. Ah,nature, and the glorious ocean. Full moons. Films, music, and dancing. My parents. Delicious food. Positive attitudes. Traveling the world to experience other cultures. My husband inspires me.

In five years Michael and I will be planting fruit trees in our community with children.

Two of my favorite hobbies?
First west african dance. Feeling the rhythm of the drums is a pure joyous celebration. Dancing can be a wonderful medicine. The pulse of the drums open the heart. Gardening is right up there with dancing. I feel alive when my hands are in the soil. Broadcasting seed, watching things, grow and take form. It's magic.

What about cooking?
I like to cook new recipes. I have a sweet tooth so I love to bake

with chocolate. Dark chocolate. I thoroughly enjoying raising peking duck. It's a real treat to cook duck with a homemade plum sauce.
I have been referring to "Nourishing Traditions"cookbook for years so I have great respect for soaking and fermenting before cooking. I have developed and appreciation for foods that take time to reveal their best flavor. Especially meat and bone broths.I find slow cooking seductive, cuz it's so easy. I've been making bread from wild culture. So delicious. I enjoy making yogurt and cheese from raw milk for smoothies with coconut milk. I look forward to canning every summer season. I long to be as good a cook as my husband!

On long farm days I gravitate towards hot food, lots of water, epsom salt soaks and uninterrupted sleep. Sleep cures many aliments!

Death. Does Grace have an opinion?

In countries like India death is everywhere, it's raw, seen, and honored daily. Since death remains hidden in our society there is a clear disconnection to this holy natural process but in farming you cannot hide from death. It is as natural as the rising sun. I used to get disturbed when an animal got sick and died but now I see they come in with a purpose and a path and it's only my business to nurture them while they are here and use every aspect of the gifts they bring.
The native americans say if you kill an animal you're responsible for that animals spirit. Another way of saying, everything is connected. I feel we are connected to the animals as much as we are the soil beneath our feet. Raising animals and harvesting them is rewarding and sometimes hard to explain. Before I slaughter an animal I always send out a prayer. I took it from Barbara Kingsolver's book, "Animal Vegetable Miracle"; "by the same power that slays you we too are slain and we too shall be consumed for the law that delivers you unto our hands, shall deliver us unto another's hands, your blood and our blood is not but the sap that feed the tree of heaven."

Who do I wish to share farming with?
I love to share farming with anyone. I feel we're all teachers no matter how much experience we have. So many people these days are returning to the land and connecting to their food. It's a wonderful time to be doing what we love.

What do I like to read?

I read non fiction! I want to know details about everything that interest me. I like some poetry, stories, Acres Magazine, the Sun Magazine,autobiographies. I can sit and read for hours.

What's the best thing I have to offer. One asset?
As long as I can remember I have always been eager and curious. Desire has brought so many wonderful opportunities into my life. This eagerness has kept me asking endless questions. Taken my places I never dreamt I would go. "Longing" has been my friend.

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