About Kristen

What inspires you?

Sunshine, reading the Bible, being with people who love life and love what they do, good leadership, moving cows, giving hospitality, watching baby calves on pasture, sharing meals with friends, smiles, wildflowers, hugs, making memories.

What is your most fulfilling pastime?

It's hard to pick just one - taking walks around the farm, falling asleep under a tree, sitting and talking with cows, spending quality time with family and friends, listening to people, learning.

What are some words to describe yourself?

Hmm... loyal, supportive, listening, observing, honest, transparent, open, cheerful, positive, a one-on-one person.

What is your favorite song?

Amazed by Lonestar.

What is something that surprised you about farming?

I used to work on a conventional dairy, and it felt like all my time was consumed with farming - there wasn't much relaxing or "down-time." Since being here, I've come to know that one can have a well-rounded lifestyle within farming, and that you don't have to always be working, working, working to "get ahead." Life is happening now, and there are times for both work and for taking in the beautiful moments of life.

What is your favorite farm ingredient, and what you do with it?

A whole chicken, made into stock with onions, celery, carrots, lots of garlic, and herbs. It's fun to let simmer for 2-3 days, and is so versatile to have on hand - I use it in many different recipes.

Inspirational quotes that get you through the day?

"Keep your chin up." - My mama

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." - Unknown

"Self-denial, perseverance, commitment, focus." - Joel Salatin, You Can Farm

What is one thing you want to share with the world?

Everyone has an opportunity to make a difference, whether it's a large-scale farm, supporting a local farmer, or even having a compost pile in your yard. We all can make a difference toward cleaner, local food.

What is your ideal date?

(Laughs). Well, um, I think it would be fun to have a date in a hay loft, take walks through the pasture, hold hands while washing dirty eggs, and do chores together.

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