Thursday, February 26, 2009

GMO - the real story

Last December at the ACRES USA conference in St. Louis I ran into a guy who knew one of the executives at Monsanto. He told me about a conversation he'd had with this fellow regarding genetically modified organisms. The long and short of it was that one of the primary goals of GMOs was as a population control mechanism. I assumed the conversation had been embellished due to paranoia..

So last Friday I had dinner in Minneapolis and met a fellow and his family who are farming north of the twin cities. He had attended Purdue University in Indiana, was an excellent student, and Dow Chemical hired him right out of college. He described the fancy trucks, the fancy dinners, the fancy resort conventions that the company supplied.

His team was working on GMOs and he found out one day that they were putting spermicides into grain to ship strategically to countries around the world where U.S. foreign policy wanted population control. This is part of the U.S. foreign aid package. Appalled at this discovery, he asked the other team members if they had a problem with what was going on--everyone else was fine with it. He handed in his
resignation that day.

In the news lately, the world community reels in horror with the revelations of Nazis sterilizing thousands of half Jews, Gypsies and other undesirables. So how many innocent people around the world are being unknowingly sterilized as a result of this audacious plan? And through pollen drift, this grain can contaminate food globally. It can't be contained.

It is time to understand that these global corporate elite agendas are not just about personal preference. They are evil. U.S. foreign policy is evil. To unleash something as potentially ubiquitous as GMO human-sterilizing grains is terrorism pure and simple. When our little kiddies are encouraged to get a good enough education to go work for one of these outfits, what does this say about our value system?

Let's not dance around the issue. An evil food system exists, and a righteous food system exists. We need to be patronizing and promoting the righteous one.

Joel Salatin


graceonline said...

This is beyond the pale, though not unexpected after reading Michael Pollan's, and others', books. Is it possible to vet this information and get it into the mainstream media?

Joel, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you and your family are doing on Polyface Farm.

Anonymous said...

beyond my paranoia now, and back in the 'makes my skin crawl' category. thanks for the info, will help spread it for starters! thanks joel.

Leza said...

Hadn't heard of the spermicides in GMO foods..., but other equally scary and dangers of GMO foods. Read "Seeds of Deception" for more info. Nothing good about *any* of it.

Becca said...


would make a lot more sense than vast quantities of "spermicide"

While still scary (it "might" be a carcinogen) it certainly would make a lot more sense to protect the grain from molding on the long trips to other countries.

Unknown said...

Is this person willing to go on record? My work associate warned me to beware of a setup with regard to this, he fears Monsanto may be fishing to win a liable suit against Joel and sending this guy out as a baited hook, so to speak.

Carole Nowicke said...

How could this possibly work? If there were an oral contraceptive for males, it would be marketed--so the strength of the product would have to be such that it would permeate the entire plant structure out to the grain, and then also be powerful enough to last through the baking process. I think you're being played. Gossypol from cotton seeds has been tested and found to also cause hypokalemia.

Eco Yogini said...

@ Carole,
although it seems a bit "conspiracy theory", there actually are oral contraceptives for men. They were more effective AND had less health side-effects. Unfortunately, when big pharma did their focus studies on how to market the product, they discovered that a) Most men refused to take it and b) most women indicated that they wouldn't trust men to take contraceptives (being the ultimate result of a misstep...)
so male oral contraceptives were never offered for the public.

very interesting post though.

Truthseeker said...

Just another piece of the thousand-year puzzle.

Not a conspiracy "theory."

It's definitely a real conspiracy; known as the "Great Conspiracy" to those on the inside.

If you voted for Barack Obama--congratulations--you helped elect their guy (you didn't think all that "messiah," "lightworker," halos behind the head on his photos, the speech in Berlin, or the staging in Denver stuff were accidents did you?).

Oh yes .... the Great Conspiracy, fueled by non-profit Foundations (quiz: where did Obama's mama work? who has built a seed vault near the Arctic circle while pushing "Terminator" seeds on the planet?), the Federal Reserve, in-the-tank media, the Council on Foreign Relations (the U.S. branch of the Great Conspiracy), and a corrupt Congress and Federal judges (you do know that Obama had to re-do his 1/20 Oath of Office because he and Judge Roberts botched it don't you? And guess what: no Bible was used the second time).

I know....all tinfoil hat stuff, but I have studied it long and hard. Only 1% of the population will get it. Denial is a powerful defense to fear. Understandable. Much easier to turn on the TV or listen to the pablum "news" media.

From the 1960s:

What does all this mean? The Great Conspiracy, if successful, will institute a one-world RELIGION: to do so will require the destruction of Christianity, Judaism, islam, buddhism, hinduism, et al. And guess what? They have the plan to do this and are well on their way. You didn't think Obama throwing Israel under the bus was an accident too did you? Or allowing Iranian nukes? What will this force Israel to do?

Scary: the folks behind the Great Conspiracy predicted/planned that it would take 3 world wars to succeed in their master plan.

They stated the 1800s. Two down, one to go.

Homework: so what will the new one-world religion be?

sanda kosmajac said...

The Holy Scriptures talk about it in Revelation, esp. Revelation 19th Chapter, 20th, 21st & 22nd.
It will have NEW JERUSALEM in a different place than it is today, I propose to you from BELGRADE, Serbia to BOLGOROD, Russia as the CRYSTAL CITY or WHITE CITIES due to the SLAVS being the major and actual blood descendents of the HEBREWS. Since Nikola TESLA is really behind ALL of the Tech. of today, and created ALL the lights in the world, including AC/DC and everything else, the CYBER SPACE CITY will have to be in that part of the world. BELGRADE means WHITE CITY. And so does BOLGOROD in Russian. We're the unsung heroes of the Tech. world. TESLA is the Brain of Everything including ground travel, air and space travel, audio, visual, computers, ad infinitum. NOW TAKE THAT, GOD'S WAYS + SYSTEM RULES Forever, and it's gonna be where the Meek & Mild SLAVS dwell~

Anonymous said...

there is a growing concern in the US that unlabled GMO food are causing un-diagnosed allergies such as Morgellons

pythonesk99 said...

I find this very hard to believe. Why would the U.S. want to slow population growth in certain areas? Surely more mouths mean more food is needed...?

Anonymous said...

Calling this terrorism just does not work. They are not terrorising people but rather eliminating them. I have to call that worse. It is not strictly genocide either, but the effect is the same. Certainly, it is a crime against humanity, and any punishment short of death would be absurd.

Anonymous said...

Did anything ever come of this? Any evidence that this is true?

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